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*מועדון הבוגרים אינו אחראי למידע הניתן, ויכול שמכיל טעויות, מומלץ לוודא ולבדוק נתונים עדכניים מול המוסד האקדמי. כמו כן, אין בכוונתנו לתת ייעוץ פרטני בנושא.

Harvard University


Location: Massachusetts



Study Programs and general Academic Information:


The university is known for specializing in Constitutional Law, Corporations, International Public and Commercial Law and more.

The standard program is the LL.M Program, oriented almost exclusively towards foreign students is the, a single-year program for general legal studies. Each student can personally choose his preferred courses, while having to acquire at least 23 credit points in American Law. All LL.M students are required to write a 25-pages study paper about a relevant subject of their choosing.

Recommended Courses And Lecturers:

  • Law and Philosophy Colloquium

  • Advanced Intellectual Property

  • Venture Law and Finance

Recommended Lecturers:

  • Prof. Jessie Fried

  • Prof. William Fisher

  • Prof. Mark Tushnet


Admission information:


Admission usually opens in September and end in December but it is recommended to check the university website for the current updated information.


For admission a student must provide:

  • Online application form

  • Transcripts and diplomas

  • TOEFL score

  • Financial Aid application (if applicable)

  • 2-5 letters of recommendation, preferably from faculty members who know you well or past employers in the relevant field. (it is recommended to bring at least 3 letters)

  • Personal statement- a 1,500-word essay which includes: 

    • a certain legal issue in your current field of interest or a particular legal problem facing a particular country, region or world and the theoretical framework or legal analysis required to face the problem (expected to be at least 750 words)

    • information about yourself- and in particular why do you wish to pursue an LL.M degree at Harvard, and how does it connect to your past experiences and future plans.

Admission fee- 85$


*Note that it is possible to use the LSAC service for transferring transcripts and diplomas, but Harvard does not accept recommendation letters through this service.

Also note that all transcripts and diplomas and letters of recommendation must be translated to English, if not already written in English.


Scholarships and Financial Aid:


Tuition is about 60,000$ a year, together with accommodation and personal expenses one should expect about 90,000$. Therefor it is highly recommended to apply for different scholarships. Harvard recommends the Fulbright scholarship, though it is important to note applying for this scholarship is a long process, and it is best to take into consideration it’s terms and possible restrictions. Harvard itself offers several different scholarships, and claims that all students who ask for one received some kind financial aid. 


Housing, living expenses and other student life information: 

Most students tend to live around Harvard Square and in the dorms. A small dorm room rent can be about 900$, while a private flat can go up to 2400$ and more. The university website offers pictures and other information of all available dorms. Living expenses in general, including food and drinks are relatively high (about 12$-15$ for a dish in a restaurant,6$-7$ for a beer).

As for Kosher food there are some Kosher restaurants, and Hillel also offer Kosher food.

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