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University of Michigan


Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan  



Study Programs and general Academic Information:


The university is known for specializing in International Law, Tax Law and more.  

Michigan offers 3 different LL.M programs:

  • Standard LL.M program

  • International Tax LL.M program

  • Master of Comparative Law (MCL)

All of the students eligible for the MCL degree will be given admission to the MCL/LL.M programs and will be able to choose which degree they prefer to pursue. The LL.M program is relatively small and allows only 45 students a year, and has a flexible curriculum that allows students to take courses from other UM schools and earn independent research credit from working with the law school faculty members.  

The International Tax LL.M program is even smaller, and allows only 10 students a year. It is directed by Prof. Reuven Avi-Yonah, and many of it’s graduates are later accepted into top law and accounting firms.


Recommended Lecturers and Courses:

  • Prof. Reuven Avi-Yonah (Head of the International Tax LL.M program)


Admission information:


Admission usually starts on October and ends on January 31st. As always, it is recommended to check the university website for the current updated information on this matter.

For admission a student must provide:

  • An application form

  • Transcripts and diplomas

  • TOEFL/IELTS score

  • Resume

  • 2-4 letters of recommendation, out of which one must be from a faculty member who knows you and your academic work well.  

  • Personal statement- one must supply at least one personal statement essay. There are no length requirements but most students tend to submit statements of about 4-6 pages. The essay should include information about yourself, your academic or professional goals, how will you contribute to your class and how studying in UMLS might help you achieve your goals.

Admission fee- 75$


Note that it is possible to use either the LSAC service for transferring all documents and letters of recommendations to UMLS or sending them to UMLS directly by hardcopy.

Also note that all transcripts and diplomas and letters of recommendation must be translated to English by a certified translator if not already written in English and submitted with the original-language versions.


Scholarships and Financial Aid:


Tuition, together with other university charges, accommodation and other expenses comes out to be about 50,000$ a year. Therefor it is highly recommended to seek different financial aid options. UMLS currently offers several different options for financial aid, ranging from award-based scholarships to merit-based aid, as can be seen on the UMLS website. The UMLS website also includes a list of smaller scholarships that change yearly. It is also recommended to look into the Fulbright and Fischman scholarships.


Housing, living expenses and other student life information: 

UMLS offers several housing options, and most law students tend to live in the Lawyers Club, which is an on-campus housing options which includes meals. Another option is the Munger Housing which does not include meals. Rent is around 7500$ per semester for a room in the Lawyers Club, and around 950$ a room in the Munger Housing. UMLS offers other off-campus housing options with prices ranging from 900$ to 1400$.

Ann Harbor is basically built around the university, and offers many activities aimed towards students, and fans of Football are recommended to buy a seasonal pass. There are both a Chabad house and Hillel on campus, offering activities on Friday evenings and holidays and Jewish student clubs in the Law faculty and the university in general.   

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